Benefits of Having a Virtual Office in Chicago

Experiencing Chicago is more than just the great deep dish pizza, catching a baseball game, going up the Sears tower, and checking out the bustling shopping in the heart of the city-it is also be one of the best cities in the U.S. for a budding entrepreneur or small business to thrive. Why is that? Because of the endless potential of a Chicago virtual office, and how much the city has to offer for a business. (Some would even argue that Chicago is better than virtual offices in New York.)

Having a virtual office in Chicago means having the benefits of establishing your name in a major city without the huge costs it entails. Instead of having meetings at coffee shops and missing calls because you don’t have a receptionist, use a virtual office in a major city to show clout and have a professional image that can be respected.

So, what are the exact benefits of a Chicago virtual office?

  • A live virtual receptionist will be able to take your calls and relay any messages you might have so you don’t miss out on anything.
  • Be able to have a fully furnished conference room in the heart of Chicago (One location being near the famous Michigan Avenue).
  • Mail forwarding, fax services and even courier services can all be included in your virtual office package.
  • Auto-attendant services for your virtual office can also be included.

While at it, let’s just include all of the great scenery and nearby locations in the mix, too. Being able to place a business address on stationary and business cards in such a famous city means better business and more confidence to do better business. And when you compare rates to actually buying office space in such high-profile locations, you’ll start seeing major results immediately.

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About Jim Jacques

Jim Jacques is the President of United Virtual Office, a leading nationwide provider of virtual offices for entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses. A virtual office includes an address at a prestigious business location in the US, live virtual receptionist, courier services and more. Google +



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