Workplace Discords and How to Solve Them

Every now and then in workplaces and office environments there are going to be work-related problems that will require the intervention of a supervisor or the business owner to bring about effective resolutions. Business owners should have an idea of certain business motivation techniques to help the development, growth and motivation of their employees. One of the most important things to do is to involve the employee in the process, where they can come forward with the problem and the owner can then look for a solution.

Here are some of the more common workplace problems and tips on how to resolve the issues.

  1. Stress
  2. Stress is one of the most common and crucial problems. Stress affects the quality of work and also the employee’s state of mind. It can be caused by anything, including increased work responsibilities, personal issues and the overall work environment.

    An effective solution to this is to monitor your employees and look for changes in their attitude or behavior. If you notice anything unusual, pull them aside and ask them what’s bothering them. It’s important to step in as a friend and not a superior, and its better to intervene early before it’s too late.

  3. Continual failure to meet targets
  4. This could be a major problem as one person not achieving their target can put pressure on other employees. The effective solution here is to have all employees have time logs for their daily tasks, including what they’re doing and how much time they’re spending on it. That way you can assess your employees’ strengths and determine who is faster at what.

    You should then sit down with your employee(s) who is not meeting their targets, discuss their work methods and work with them (the ‘with’ is very important) to find a solution. Its also a good idea to give gifts and bonuses to employees’ who are performing well, mainly to act as a motivator to work hard and produce.

  5. Too much work; too little time
  6. This is a major concern as it affects the overall quality of work. One of the small business ideas is to take work only as per the capability of the employees. A proper solution for this is to make a list of tasks and prioritize the work. Make a clear-cut schedule for work prepared and make sure employees complete the work on time as per the schedule. This is also where the time logs I discussed above come in.

  7. Lack of work recognition; more criticism
  8. Criticism and lack of recognition makes employees lose interest in their work. The best solution is to make sure that performers get mentions for their work, and everyone receives positive affirmation at one point or the other. It’s all about staying positive and pointing out peoples strengths, and when you need to criticize, do so constructively. At the end of the day, you get more bees with honey.

  9. Incompetence in the workplace
  10. General incompetence is a major concern in almost all workplaces. The solution to such a problem is to acknowledge that the problem may not always be due to incompetence but because of an excessive workload, lack of motivation, etc. Business owners must use business motivation techniques to handle such problems, being nice and repeat your request in a calm and relaxed manner. Proper training is key to getting better performance. Every employee needs company specific training.

    In every office environment there will be work-related problems, but with the correct steps and the right attitude, solutions can be found and you can maintain a healthy working environment.

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