5 Ways to Create and Run a Successful Business

  1. Reduce Office Costs. One of the easiest ways to start and maintain a successful business is to reduce office expenses. Many businesses can use a virtual office solution to run their office, reducing the need for on-site employees. Virtual Offices can be used for any type or size of business and entail many benefits, including saving money on office space/leases, having a prestigious business address in major markets across the US, having a Live Virtual Receptionist handle all of your calls, proper meeting and conference facilities/resources and so forth.
  2. Reduce Communication Costs. Using virtual phone systems will allow you to never miss a call while not having to install expensive phone systems for your business. These virtual phone systems will take calls around the clock, forward messages to you if required, and act as an office assistant. Phone networks, and their associated operating costs, can be one of the largest expenses for a small business.
  3. Go Digital With Documents. Having all of your paperwork in digital format will reduce a lot of unnecessary printing expenses, as well as save room in your office. Unless it is very necessary to have forms on hand, all documents should be digital and only printed on demand. This is also very friendly for the environment, which all businesses should strive to be.
  4. Hire Contractors Instead Of Employees. If you need sales reps to promote your business, hire them as a contractor for your company and pay them a commission. This will greatly reduce your tax burden for employment taxes, reduce your insurance costs, and limit your liability.
  5. Use Free Advertising. There are many ways that you can use free or low-cost advertising to promote your business on or off the Internet. Take the time each day to promote your business using free methods, and you will see a significant increase in your earnings.
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Jim Jacques is the President of United Virtual Office, a leading nationwide provider of virtual offices for entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses. A virtual office includes an address at a prestigious business location in the US, live virtual receptionist, courier services and more. Google +



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