Get Flexibility at Your Business Through Live Virtual Receptionist

Owning an office space is one of the most expensive aspects of business. The high cost of rental/purchase of land aside, maintenance is another nuisance in itself. While a virtual office space has now become a convenient new idea, the question arises how close to real office can a virtual office space be” Will I be able to manage all the things that I could do at a real office” Will it ‘feel’ as professional?

You might think about all the things that a real office has to offer-what about a receptionist? Well, now you can get a virtual receptionist. But will it be the same? Fact of the matter is- a Virtual Receptionist does everything a real receptionist does and more.

So how does it work? It’s quite simple actually. You are given a personal toll free number which forwards calls to you. This one number connects your voice, fax, and conference calls for easy access. How do you get started? You can either use a default prompt of personalize your greeting and recorded name. Every time you get a voicemail or a fax, you can rest assured that you will be instantly notified.

There is no room for tardiness in any business and you can expect nothing but the best from your Virtual Receptionist. In fact, just to add that extra bit of perfection, your voicemails and faxes also get forwarded to your email account so that you can keep track of every single detail. Make sure you don’t miss out on any important information, and that your virtual office is working for you in every way it can.

For those people who choose to leave you a voicemail, you can call them back with the simple push of a button. In case there is a call that you don’t want to take, you always have call screening to help you filter you calls.

Meetings are an essential part of every business. In today’s world of technology, it is becoming more and more important to accommodate people and companies from around the world into your meeting format, taking into consideration different time zones and what not. Your Virtual Receptionist lets you make conference calls with up to 25 people so that no important client ever has to be left out of the loop.

While choosing a plan for your Virtual Receptionist, make sure you find the one that is most suited to you. Look for the number of Live Minutes and Automated Minutes that is closest to your needs, and make sure the entire packet fits in your budget.

The aim of a Virtual Receptionist is to make your virtual office as efficient and professional as possible. Don’t hesitate to ask question about the plan you have chosen and the services that are offered so that you can have the best virtual receptionist there possibly can be. Look into the details, customize as you go and once you’re set up you won’t have to worry about it ever again.

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About Jim Jacques

Jim Jacques is the President of United Virtual Office, a leading nationwide provider of virtual offices for entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses. A virtual office includes an address at a prestigious business location in the US, live virtual receptionist, courier services and more. Google +



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