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Virtual Offices In Los Angeles

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How to Make Your Company Virtually Ubiquitous

A lot of business practices have become obsolete in the past ten to twenty years. The exponential advancement of technology in the early 21st Century has made certain practices useless, time consuming and fiscally impractical. One such practice is that of searching for office space in a high demand area.

Offices in downtown Los Angeles and New York are, of course, desirable because they add credibility and an air of sophistication to a company. However, they are also extremely pricy and somewhat inconvenient; employees do not all live in a central metropolitan area, and many specialists and experts prefer to telecommute from remote areas.

A fantastic compromise that blends the ease of telecommuting with the prestige of prime office space is to establish a virtual office in Los Angeles and/or New York. A virtual office gives your small business the address (not a P.O. Box) of a location in Los Angeles and many other cities across the US and access to incredibly cheap, convenient office space and conference rooms;at the same time, it also affords your employees remote access to any media, mailing and the like that you want.

Our virtual offices also can establish a business phone line with an appropriate area code that your clients can call and connect to any of your employees, known as our Virtual Phone Services. With a live virtual receptionist your calls and faxes will be answered and immediately forwarded to you, allowing you to handle your business operations from wherever you are.

Virtual offices in Los Angeles, New York and other big cities are a fast growing trend. We offer a number of packages, from just a business number or just a virtual office address to a full package, based on your small businesses budget, needs, and ability to connect your employees to the virtual office.

Making your company virtually ubiquitous is a great way to connect to more clients and customers; to expand your employee pool to a more selective, better group of candidates; and to add an air of legitimacy and prestige, allowing your small business to expand and grow exponentially.

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About Jim Jacques

Jim Jacques is the President of United Virtual Office, a leading nationwide provider of virtual offices for entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses. A virtual office includes an address at a prestigious business location in the US, live virtual receptionist, courier services and more. Google +