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Benefits of Virtual Office Telecommuting

Though, initially, many businesses felt trepidations about the very concept of virtual offices, most have now recognized that the virtual office is likely to become a feature of our 21st century information society. But businesses aren’t simply resigning themselves to this inevitability; instead, they are increasingly coming to acknowledge the benefits of the virtual office and the extremely positive ROI they provide.

A recent survey conducted among six hundred small to medium-sized businesses found that, in general, upper-management thinks the virtual office offers significant benefits. More than half of those businesses surveys reported that they realized a savings of around $10,000 a month by instituting a virtual office.

For most businesses, the costs associated with setting up a business are difficult to meet. To get a choice location in most cities is either impossible of unfeasible. Part of the reason for this is that finding a good location that can fit and support your entire staff is a challenging one. By turning your office into a virtual office, you can either wholly eliminate the need for rent or you can reduce the amount of space you need.

Jack Nilles, president of JALA International, a Los Angeles-based management consulting firm, says that typically companies can expect to save $11,000 per year for each of their employees who telecommutes at least two days a week. Clearly you can expect considerable savings by reducing your space requirements.

An important benefit offered by a virtual office is that it eliminates the need for fulltime administrative employees. This is because companies that provide virtual office services commonly provide live virtual receptionists, virtual office services and a virtual phone system. This makes it easy for your customers to reach you, even if you dont have an administrative support staff. Live virtual receptionists can free you and your team from time-wasting administrative duties.

Finally and this might be the greatest benefit offered a virtual office can create happier, more productive employees. A study by AT&T found that 75 percent of telecommuters felt increased satisfaction with both their personal and professional lives after their employers adopted virtual offices. Happier employees, according to Nations Business, are more efficient, less likely to take extended leave or sick days, and are less likely to leave their positions.

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