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The Best Offices In The World

Creativity and competition always go hand in hand in today’s business world. Creativity is regarded as the one of the best ways to set your company distinct from others in terms of innovations and new ideas meanwhile becoming productive and playful at the same time. Talking from creative perspective, a number of companies keep on working in making their office discrete yet innovative with the upcoming ideas. Here is a list of some of the best offices in the world.  

Creativity is very much part of the game of business and when it comes to making your office look “out of box” Pixar headquarters at California is mastermind in it. This animation film company believes that it is quite monotonous for working people to keep on working in those typical square rooms. The rooms are made to change in creative shapes, such as oval shape and huts. Places are decorated with lamps and chairs as one have them at home to make the work place both comfortable and trendy. 

Next in the list is the London office of Red Bull which has an ambience of glass and shiny appearance. Along with its glassy look, they have unique feature of attractive sliding spaces that can turn the mood of any officer, who do not want to walk through traditional staircases, can go topsy-turvy with a ride over slides. This office has a highly tech savvy lounge area and ping pong meeting areas for interactive sessions. 

Google is not an exception to this list of best offices in the world. Google offices worldwide focus on providing the best of comfort to the employees in an interesting way. The headquarters of Google in California have some rare stuff, such as pet corner, pool and number of other games. The uniquely designed offices of Google have also kept cycles, two tier scooters and televisions for making their employees enjoy while working. Highlighting from the architecture point of view, Google HQ has gadgets and gizmos made on the working desk and also are placed white board at different places for employees to express their viewpoints. 

The Office of McLaren Technology in Surrey is also worth to be mentioned when it comes to talking about bets offices in the world. The McLaren Technology, a famous F1 racing car manufacturing company has made its office along with an artificial lake to keep the office cool all the time. The uniquely designed office has glass walkways with a wind tunnel in the office for testing F1 cars.

Moving onto the next in the league of best offices in the world is the office of Volkswagen in Germany. The great manufactures of luxurious cars, Volkswagen is famous for its dirt less and noiseless factory. The beautification lies in the fact that its architecture is designed in such a way that no area under the factory can be recognized as a part of producing cars. The designing can spellbound other factory owners or employees who work in the same sphere.

There are many other offices in the world which match well with these offices. Creativity is what best define the world of business, which becomes essential for better production and productive results.

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