5 Facts That Set Real Entrepreneurs Apart

Entrepreneurs are a rare breed. Mediocre ones, those who like to call themselves entrepreneurs and yet have nothing much to show for it, are everywhere. Real entrepreneurs, or those whose insights and actions prove their worth, are relatively few. Here are five things that set them apart. See if you’re one of their kind or simply be inspired by them.

  1. They’re Not Doing it for Money
  2. They’re in it for the challenge. Money to them is just one of the many resources that help them realize their vision. But money, in itself, isn’t the end goal. If you want proof, look at those successful entrepreneurs who have made a dent in the universe: the Late Steve Jobs build Apple, Jeff Bezos continues to fascinate us with his flagship e-reader, Kindle. We’re told Bezos is takes big risks and lose money by keeping prices low. And yet investors and customers remain with the company. We know why. It’s the passion that’s reflected in the products they design.

  3. They Don’t Try to Be Someone Else
  4. Real entrepreneurs don’t fit the mold. That’s because they don’t adhere to external rules or have someone decide for them. From the clothes they wear to their modes of transportation, they don’t try to impress or be unique. They simply are. We can say that they deliberately design their lifestyles to match the kind of work they do. They don’t seem to leave anything to chance.

  5. They’re Obsessed about Their Calling
  6. Once an entrepreneur finds his or her passion or mission, they’re in it to actualize it. Their presence or just the look in their eyes will tell you that something or someone working through them. It’s as if they’ve been possessed by an idea. It’s interesting that many of them believe they’ve been chosen or they’re the right person to implement an idea, no matter how odd it may seem at first.

  7. They Weren’t Born Entrepreneurs
  8. Personal histories of real entrepreneurs reveal their humble roots. Many of them have actually experienced adversities and challenges while growing up. They turned their losses, material or otherwise, into sources of inspiration. Many of them have realized early on that they shouldn’t rely on anyone or anything. Their motivation comes from within and they’re never discouraged by external conditions. Their attitude and not their circumstances turned them into real entrepreneurs.

  9. They’re Not Solitary Leaders
  10. Are real entrepreneurs superheroes who do it all by themselves? Of course not. The entrepreneur as an iconic leader distorts reality. Successful founders of some of the world’s biggest companies have partners. Steve Jobs partnered with Steve Wozniak. Bill Gates had the support of Paul Allen and Steve Ballmer. Larry Page worked with Sergey Brin. The early days of these founders revealed that they’re more of collaborators than superheroes. It’s also not a secret that many entrepreneurs are good at founding and creating, not at running and maintaining companies. Unless, of course, if you’re Jeff Bezos.

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