6 Mantras for Hiring and Retaining Excellent Employees

Good employees are an asset for any business, as they are the major contributors to its success. Hiring and retaining a qualified, efficient team is vital for the smooth running of a business and its growth. Employee retention is a key challenge in organizations today. Lets list a few tips for hiring and retaining good employees.

Communicate your vision.
To lead a successful organization, your employees need to understand your vision. This is the guiding light for all they do and it inspires them to execute your strategy. Show value.

Show Value.
Telling your current and prospective employees about the value you bring to the table and what you expect from them, and involving them in business planning, results in value being added to the vision and your vision turning into reality.

Share your passion.
Sharing your passion with your business employees can make a world of difference in making your team productive. You passion, when shared with conviction, can have a positive influence on your employees and on those you may consider hiring.

Encourage questions.
Encourage your employees and prospective hires to ask questions. A curious mind is a definite asset to the company and it could help you to discover information or insights you hadn’t realized before.

Promise learning.
One of the reasons people leave their jobs is a lack of learning. Creating a learning atmosphere in your organization and encouraging your employees to share knowledge is guaranteed to make your employees more productive and more interested in their work.

Reward their work.
Employee recognition, apart from being a nice thing to do for people, communicates to your employees that you recognize the outcomes they have created for your business. When you recognize people effectively, you reinforce the actions and behaviors you most want to see repeated by your employees.

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