Save Money: Go Green at Work

A virtual office has now taken over traditional office spaces in the form of working from home and thus opting for your personal office at home, telecommunication and live conferencing, which still holds the integrity of the business professionalism. With increasing costs for non-renewable resources and growing global population and demand, the need for virtual offices has become a norm.

By using a virtual office space instead of a traditional one you can eliminate over 13,000 pounds of CO2 that is released into the atmosphere during the commute every year. It helps in reducing individual or an organizations carbon footprint. The carbon footprint is the total amount of greenhouse gases used by any individual or association. On average American workers spend approximately 47 hours per year commuting during the rush hour. This is equivalent to 23 billion gallons of gas used during the traffic hour. Since you work from home, there is less time spent on the road, which reduces the time CO2 is getting pumped into the air. This also reduces the dependency of humans on oil and the crazy prices that come along with it. Other ways to reduce our carbon footprint is by using carpools, electric and hybrid vehicles etc.

Traditional costs can be reduced by simple organization. Go Green with Virtual office spaces! Use energy-saving computers and settings rather than desktops that take up more energy. By digitalizing, the usage of paper is reduced and when needed recycled paper should be used. This office set up helps to cut back on energy and money used for business trips as telecommunication takes care of them. The costs of afternoon lunch and also amount spent on office attire can be saved.

After looking at all the benefits of a virtual office, the most important has to be a balanced-life. As people work from home and have more time from their eliminated commute they have more time to spend at home with family and more time for extra-curricular activities. This keeps the employee stress-free as time management is left up to them. With the increasing world population, climate change and natural disasters we all should sincerely make efforts to change our lifestyles and contribute with a virtual office!

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