Feng Shui and Offices

Over the years feng shui has become a popular aspect for office organization among its believers. Whether feng shui helps or not cannot be determined but there are certain general aspects in feng shui that help us work better.

Here are some tips that you can use to make sure that feng shui works positively for you.

  • Remove all the clutter and arrange the office neatly and efficiently. Clutter in your office will mean that negative energies will be attracted towards it. Whatever material you think is extra, should be removed from the office. As you remove the physical clutter, you will notice that mental blocks and burdens will lighten, giving you positive vibes to work and achieve targets.
  • Your desk in the office should be in the commanding position. This position gives you power and maximum control. The desk should be arranged in a way that you are able to see the door and have a wall behind you.
  • If you did not know, the shape of your office desk is also one of the contributing factors to the productivity and mood. If the table has rounded curves, the flow of creativity will be more. If your desk is shaped like a human kidney, you will experience a stronger inner alignment as it follows the curves that come naturally to a body.
  • It is important for you to stay connected to the natural world. For doing so you can pot some plants in your workplace. The color greens stands for creativity and thus the plants will help you in adding a creative element to the whole environment. With the help of plants, Positive chi flows into your workplace, even to the neglected spaces that used to attract negative energy.
  • If daylight enters your workplace, it is regarded as good. If you have a window in your workplace, move your desk close to that place but not in direct line so that the light does not be the reason for eyestrains. You can use warm lights in your office to reduce glare and get a relaxing mood.
  • Adding feng shui colors to the décor of your office can also bring some positive changes and balance in the environment. Varying colors will have different properties and can help you immensely.
  • You can also get a bagua map for your office to ensure prosperity and make the whole environment feng shui- friendly. The position of things like stationery and communication systems is also important and can be decided using feng shui.

The energies at your workplace affect a number of aspects. If you make use of feng shui techniques at your workplace in the right manner, the working conditions of the employees will be enhanced. In addition, you will notice that more business flows in along with the revenue.

The relationships between the workers and the employers are also an important aspect of the overall working of the company and feng shui helps improve that part as well by bringing harmony.

You can take the help of professional feng shui practitioners to make sure that the techniques are implemented in a proper manner and chi flows into your office. A positive environment is necessary for your office so that the work is carried forward in the best possible manner.

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