Virtual Offices are Green

Reducing overheads is often the best solution for businesses looking to survive in this tough economic condition. One way of doing so is to switch from occupying premises to running a business from a virtual office-an option an increasing number of Americans are doing. Businesses are becoming greener, because it makes sense.

Today’s technologies make it possible to communicate with staff and members instantaneously from any point on the globe at any time. The use of new technologies-such as the ability to share files and documents while traveling or telecommuting has saved both time and energy.

By adopting virtual office’s eco-friendly office procedures and providing an infrastructure, which allows for a greener approach to running a business, the serviced office providers enables its occupiers to automatically slot into an existing sustainable culture rather than starting from scratch.

While the advantages of working from home may seem obvious to you-more flexibility, more freedom, and the opportunity to be your family, there are probably even more benefits which you have not thought of.
1. Environmental benefits from not driving a vehicle and polluting the air
2. Reducing traffic congestion
3. Saving time, money and oil by not commuting
4. Reducing the stress level from not having to drive in congested traffic to and from work
5. Benefits of living a more balanced life
6. Going green virtually- building a green company instead of brick and mortar office.


The corporate world is uniquely positioned to go green unlike never before. With constantly evolving technologies, the connectivity of the Internet and mobile devices, the corporate world is able to run more efficiently with less paper and minimal physical resources. Businesses are going green virtually-no office, no commute, and no paper.
Virtual offices are undoubtedly a major component of the greening of the business world and they are having positive impact in this arena. Many businesses are finding increased productivity and cost savings by allowing workforce to telecommute. This trend makes the leasing and maintenance of physical office space environmentally unwise.

Of course, large companies in heavily polluted urban areas are not the only businesses that can enjoy the green benefits of a virtual office. Small offices that use a virtual office space are also able to be green saving on utilities, while their employees save on commuting costs and use less gas.
 The productivity level has also gone many folds with a virtual office or telecommuting arrangement because employees work in their respective familiar surroundings and save time, otherwise would have spent traveling to and from the office.
The benefits of going virtual are many, though it does require businesses to change their way of thinking a bit.

Depending on the number of employees in your office, you can eliminate multiple cars that commute to work everyday. Allowing employees to telecommute from home could cut costs significantly. You are also no longer paying the energy costs and other expenses involved with running an office building. Commuting wastes time and fuel, degrades the environment, contributes to climate change and increases congestion on roads. Imagine how different things would look if every worker who could telecommute did so. The technology exists today to support this. However, you need a concerted effort to realize people the benefits of virtual offices.

In eliminating the concept of the physical office, virtual companies get rid of all the waste that goes along with it. Energy consumption is slashed, as you only need enough power to run you computer and a lamp. Paper consumption becomes negligible. Further, the health benefits-individual and collective- are enormous.

In addition to potential health and productivity gains, widespread use of virtual office environments reduces highway congestion and save money for both the employer and the employee. Many companies are now eliminating the need for physical office and thus the cost of leasing, lighting and maintaining that space.

Technology has truly changed everything over the past few years. You must feel blessed that you get the opportunity to build your business virtually and proud to share your wisdom as you grow and evolve.

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